Snugga Wubba and More

100_4805.jpgSome of my friends, Poley, Weeny and Daisy,  asked, “What the heck IS a Snugga Wubba anyway?” So I got mom to take a close up picture of it. It looks like a pink octopus. It is lots of fun with all those legs. Yes, cody bear, I think you would like it, too!  Amber-Mae is right, pink isn’t the color for me. The Aged Cat gave me a hint on how to change the color, but mom won’t let me take it outside. I tried. I’m just not going to worry about it. If Tuffy can play with a pink pig, well I can certainly play with this. Slavenka and Obi said, “The color of toy it’s not very important if you know what you are.” I think they are right.  I love new toys anytime mom brings them in! My friends at CowGal said that same thing!

Concerning the throwing out of the de-stuffed blue dog, Tinky, Jonesy & Sissy said I should dig it out of the trash and let mom know It was fun like that.  I think Gomer would agree with that.  So did Crikit, Sparky & Ginger. You are all right! I wish I had the unstuffed blue dog. But, if you’ll remember, mom and her friend, D, fixed it so I can’t get to the trash in the pantry.  I’m keeping an eye on the door but so far she hasn’t forgotten to put the string up.

100_4807.jpg Here is a picture of me with my new hair cut. I made mom get me to the groomers so she couldn’t take any more of those silly pictures!


10 Responses

  1. Cool! 🙂 Sounds like a neat-o toy!

  2. Great new haircut. And we love the SnuggaWubba: it’s a toy and a pillow and a buddy all in one!

  3. Rusty, since you & the other dogs who own a wubba say it’s a lot of fun, then I want one too no matter what color it is! But unfortunately, Malaysia don’t sell any. I tried searching for it but there’s totally none! My country is soooo lousy…

    Love licks,
    Slid Gold Dancer

  4. Your new haircut is adorable Rusty. Were you a good boy at the beauty shop? I like your octopus-looking toy.

  5. Rusty, I think I will try to get a Snugga Wubba for Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky. It looks like a lot of fun with all those legs to pull and drag around.

    You sure look cute with your new haircut, but then you were cute before you got it cut. Just a little cutie pie is what you are. Now don’t let that go to your head.

  6. Rusty with your new haircut you are a good looking boy 🙂

  7. Hubba-hubba, woohoo! You make that cut look gooooood, Rusty!

    You’ve gotten an awful lot of advice, lately. I bet that can get confusing. Just remember, yer Mom knows best.

    (And pink is just very, very pale RED.)

    To Rusty’s mom: Only 2 years since you lost your Tortie? No surprise you still miss her. The Aged sends you some purrs and a head butt.

  8. ok rusty! i did it…i bought a wubba for cody bear:

    they only had the standard wubba though, no SNUGGA wubba.

  9. OOO You look very handsome with your haircut! 😀 And we like the sound of the snugga wubba!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

    (To Rustys mummy from Livvy: Eww, not sure what a tootsie roll is, but you can bet that weeny would try and eat it too!! hehe! x)

  10. Rusty, you look gorgeous with your haircut. (Well, you look great at any time, but especially nice now.) The Wubba looks good. Penny got a floating Wubba a while ago. It started off yellow but now it’s a new colour – greyish-yellow I guess you could call it. No, on reflection I think you would have to call it yellowish-grey.

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