The Great Squirrel Menace Unmasked

general-squirrel.jpgsuper-squirrel.jpgGeneral Squirrel and Super Squirrel

Thanks to my friends Tinky, Jonesy and Sissy at 4urpets I have become aware of a plot against me and my home! The Great Squirrel Menace is consolidating their efforts. The pictures above, taken by my observant friends at 4urpets, prove it. Go there to read the report of the new operation that has been put into action! The leaders of the Squirrel Menace want to REMOVE my sign! The very idea.

Originally, Super Squirrel was stalking Jonesy in his own yard. Jonesy, we can’t have this! That is your yard, you can dig up nuts if you want. This is my yard, and my sign stays. Together we can guard our homes and send this Menace off somewhere where they will never bother another dog! Maybe some of out other bloggie friends will volunteer to help us! Jonesy, you have an in with the DIA (Doggie Intelligence Agency) so maybe they will help as well. Those squirrels may be small, but there’s a lot of them.



13 Responses

  1. I’ll help. I’m little but tough hence the name Tuffy!

  2. Thanks Tuffy!

  3. Hey guess what we three saw at the park a week ago? A SQUIRREL! The 1st squirrel we’ve ever seen! It ran sooo fast when we chased after it but we didn’t manage to catch it. Awwwww…

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Attention….Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky are standing at the ready to report on any activity. As of this morning, the squirrels have set up headquarters in the corner of my yard under a tree. I will keep you posted. Stay tuned……

  5. Lol, that squirrel is really causing some uproar for Rusty and his friends huh? Too cute!

  6. Hi Rusty !Obi & Niki are sad because they don’t have squirrels in the yard .

  7. Rusty, you rock. And that’s an awesome picture of Super Squirrl…!

  8. lol — maybe you and Jonesy and co. need to do some serious reconnaissance. How’re you boys set for climbing trees?

  9. Well Sparky can leap really high and Ginger can leap or even stand tall and walk fur a long time and I (Crikit) can jump really high with the right motivation and I think the squirrels do just that. We’re in!

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails

  10. Behr is ready and willing to help. She’s really good at chewing down trees 🙂 Maybe she can chew down the trees the squirrels are in.

    Behr’s mom

  11. Hey Rusty, those squirrels are really clever and sneaky. You’ll have to watch this video so you can see what kind of tricks they know. Better sharpen your climbing skills to catch them 🙂

    Behr Behr

  12. […] faster than lightning.  I’m sure I saw that “S” on his chest, too.  You know, the one that Rusty was talking about? I think the squirrel was flying from tree to tree.  No way I can catch ThAT critter!  Wuki, […]

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