The Great Pantry Door Predicament

Mom thinks she can keep me out, and she may just have found a way with the help of her friend D.

The story thus far: Mom had to put a chair in front of the pantry door to keep me from being tempted to check out the trash. Well one day she forgot to put the chair and I got some good stuff out of the trash. Look here to see the pic if you haven’t already seen it. Well, regardless of that picture, I pursued the temptation. Mom came home and found that I had shouldered the chair over a little and had just about made it into the pantry. So guess what she did then?

She did this:

So, here I am thinking. You can tell I’m thinking really hard because my eyes are closed. Mom said she was going to get a hook for the door handles after school on Monday so she wouldn’t have to keep pulling chairs up there. I thought that on Monday after both of THEM leave I could really put my shoulder to work and get both the chairs out of the way. But noooooo. Here is another guess what: Mom’s friend D came over to go out to dinner with them. She had…… extra shoelace. I thought she was my friend. I always bounce nicely for her when she comes over. Just look what she did to my pantry:

Can you see the shoelace around the handles? I’ve tried to bounce the door open and it won’t. There is nothing to shoulder out of the way. Foiled!


10 Responses

  1. Rusty~you are such a smart little doggy! Keepin’ Mom on her toes-always!


  2. Poor Rusty! Foiled, indeed. That’s just how the pantry floor felt the other day. And your mom!

    Don’t be too upset with her, buddy. She doesn’t want you getting sick from something you pulled from the trash. Think how sad you would all be if you had to go to the V-E-T.

  3. Hey Rusty, what about the bathroom trash? The stuff in there is even better!

  4. Rusty, you are such a good hunter-gatherer, never giving up on the daily task of finding some interesting food. Looks like you were foiled this time, though.
    Now, about those squirrels. I read that it’s your job to keep the garden a squirrel-free zone. My question is: Is that a daytime job? (We don’t have squirrels here.) Or is it a night-time job, like Penny’s job of moving along all the possums that come out at night to eat our fruit? I sometimes suspect that the neighbours don’t appreciate Penny’s efforts at one in the morning.

  5. Well, Rusty, I’m sure you’ll get it if you put your mind to it. Possibly with some sort of gyroscope…wait. What’s a gyroscope again?

  6. Rusty, not only does your mom and I have a God-given ability to pick out only the CUTEST DOGS on the planet, but we have the same taste in decorating. I have the exact same chairs around my clawfoot table. Also, I have doilies and needlewoork like that from my grandmother. I don’t have the collection your mom has though!

  7. Hi Rusty! We saw you over at Napoleons blog (isnt he adorable?!) and mummy fell in love, as her parents have a yorkie just like you! We love your blog and added you as friends!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  8. Hi Rusty!Check out my blog because you are irresistible.

  9. Better luck next time Rusty. You are so smart and a busy little fellow. All we do is lie around on our Mom’s lap all the time. Tuffy

  10. no worries Rusty you jus wait you mommy is gonna get forgetful and the string won’t be there one day! so check everyday and report your triumph when it happens K?

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails

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