Things I Have To Do For A Treat….

100_4665.jpgor, as mom calls them, tricks. This is my newest one called “Sit Up Pretty.” Mom calls it that because my cuzin Buffy , who went to the Rainbow Bridge last year, used to do it. Mom said she was so cute when she sat up pretty. Well now this is one of the things I have do do for a little tiny treat. (Rusty’s Mom: I don’t know why he likes them so much. It’s not like he chews them.)

hold.jpgMon calls this one HOLD. I call it TORTURE  because that little treat is….just….right….there. I can see it if I cross my eyes. It’s not even being held in mom’s hand. Today I had to sit with that yummy treat on my nose while she fooled with the camera! I guess that was ok because she gave me an extra one for being so good.


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  1. Rusty, what a good boy you are. Tinky sits up pretty too. And it was hard to get her to do that. All she wanted to do was jump up and down like she was on a pogo stick.

    Both Sissy and Jonesy “speaks” for their treats. Sissy also sits pretty and speaks. Can’t get Tinky to speak.

    Sissy also rolls over for a treat. I guess she will do anything for a treat.

  2. I have my Mommy trained–she usually just gives me treats when she’s leaving the house. I don’t think she knows how to train me–Yay!

  3. Too cute. I don’t know why Patch likes these treats either-he doesn’t chew them-he swallows them. I had a black lab, Chloe, that could do the HOLD. Rusty~so sorry about your cuz, Buffy.

  4. Oh ya~I can tell Patch to “tell me” and he speaks for a treat. He used to sit pretty~now he just sits goofy-lol.

  5. Poley’s newest “trick” is to sit between my arms when I’m typing on my laptop and try and pantomime what I’m doing by “typing”….It’s SO cute!

  6. Oh Rusty, I call the balancing trick a TORTURE too! I hate it when I have to do it all the time just to eat a small piece of mah treat? It really wastes my time doing that so most of the time & purposely flip it across the room just to make myself lousy at catching it in air. After that, my mommy doesn’t make me do it again becoz “I don’t do it as good as Chloe”… Whatever lady!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  7. I can’t stand it! You’re too cute Rusty. Between you and the pug, the Aged is in major danger of getting a canine roommate.– He says “don’t you dare!”

  8. For Rusty’s mom: Is Rusty a horder?

  9. Terry, He tends to hord milkbones. He goes around the house checking corners for just the right place then carefully pushes it as far in is he can then “buries” it by scraping his nose along the floor to push “dirt” over it. It is so funny. If I act like I’m going to get it, he will take it and find another corner.

  10. Hi ! Rusty is so cuuutttee!
    My dogs have rule.All for a treat.Cheese is the best.

  11. What a cutie! I don’t know that my Emma could do the “sit up pretty” trick, ’cause she’s too long! And as for the “hold” trick, forget it! Unless I could spend hours working with her on it. Such a piggy.
    But Rusty, what a clown! Belly rubs to him!

  12. yup torture is the only way to describe having to hold the treat on your nose till the mommy says you can have it. Amber Mae has to do that too. We don’t do the nose thingy but we have to sit up, stand up, roll over, argue, speak or give kisses when our M&D feel like making us work fur them.

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails

  13. Rusty, you are so talented! I especially love how your ears fan out when you sit up.

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