Things I Think

rustycute1.jpgThis is me thinking! These are some things I think:

  • I think my blog friends are fun.
  • I think squirrels drool. All of them.
  • I think cats drool. Except Dallas and the Aged Cat.
  • I think I love my walkies.
  • I think Bear tries to steal some of MY pats.
  • I think homemade dog biscuits are the BEST.
  • I think the best shops are the ones that sell homemade dog biscuits.
  • I think mom should stay home with me and not go to work.
  • I think chihuahuas are cute.
  • I think I should get treats when I try so hard to look especially cute.
  • I think I should be able to look for tootsie rolls in the cat box if I want to.
  • I think that chair should be moved away from the pantry door.
  • I think it is fun to run fast through puddles.
  • I think it is fun to chase squirrels.
  • I think squirrels drool. I know I already said that, but……..
  • I think that baby gate should be tossed out.
  • I think my morning bounce is fun.
  • I think breakfast and dinner should have milk poured over it.

That’s not all I think, but it will do for now! What do you think?


10 Responses

  1. Hey, great list Rusty! I think our child gate should be tossed out too & I think blog friends are FUN too!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Hi Rusty,
    I think I should be able to steal Mandy’s treat before she gets it–I’m younger and faster than her.
    I think my blog friends are great and I can’t wait to visit them everyday.
    I think you are so cute–I would love to play with you.

  3. I think you are a very thoughtful fellow, Rusty.
    I think you have “joie de vivre.”
    I think you must miss your mom a lot when she’s at work.(But consider, every hour she’s at work means yummy dog biscuits and toys for you!)
    I think you’re mom is lucky to have you to welcome her home from work.
    I think squirrels are goofy.
    I think you have a tough choice to make — tootsie rolls, or kisses from your mom. (tough for a dog, that is)
    I think you are correct in thinking that cats drool, even The Aged, now that he is aged.
    I think if you keep thinking so much you’ll earn a PhD — Dog of Philosophy!


  4. I think Chihuahuas are cute too!
    I think Rusty is really smart.
    I also think my blog friends are loads of fun.

  5. Are these the homemade biscuit’s you were talking about?

  6. Hi Rusty! you deserve the thinker award but we don’t have it to give, but you deserve it fur sure.

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails

  7. […] the Aged thinks A few weeks ago, our friend Rusty told us about some very interesting things Rusty thinks. He also asked, “What do you […]

  8. rusty!
    cody bear left a response on our blog at

    what a good idea to share your thoughts!

  9. О! Тема 🙂

  10. Lola thinks Rusty is handsome!
    Lola thinks cats are fun to chase.
    Lola thinks it’s time to go for a ride in the car.
    Lola thinks her dad should quit work and throw her ball all day long.
    Lola thinks “what is a squirel?”
    Lola thinks HER homemade treats are the BEST! You can try some too at

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