blue-dog.jpgWhew! I’m about recover from that long day of walking on Saturday. I didn’t do much on Sunday and today mom went back to school because Christmas break was over. It was kinda lonely around here today. But when mom got home I ran and got my Blue Dog and we had a good game of tug of war and fetch!

dogbiscuits.jpgI forgot to show you the yummy homemade dog biscuits mom got for me at First Monday. I liked that shop! It smelled good and there were all kinds of flavors! Some biscuits were even on a low shelf. I found them but mom said “LEAVE IT” to me. She is always saying that! She took a picture of my yummy dog biscuits next to some stupid tangerines they bought there. Those things don’t even smell good. I hope they didn’t actually touch any of my new snacks!


10 Responses

  1. Rusty, I have to let you into a little secret… We humans feel really bad when we have to go back to work and leave you at home.

    So it was lovely that you welcomed your mum with a toy and a game of tug. I’ll bet she felt great when she saw you waiting.

    By the way, what is that toy? It looks good. Does it make a noise? Is it strong enough to last through a few games of tug?

  2. Rusty, your hoomans still schooling or are they teachers there? I’m glad that my mommy’s school is OVER! But she’s gonna work part time soon… I hope your yummy biscuits didn’t smell like oranges after that.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. Hi Rusty ! Be a good dog like you are now,and mom will bring
    you more biscuits.

  4. Hi Rusty,
    Those dog biscuits look good. I always get tiny bite-size treats because I am a little bitty dog. I hope you didn’t miss your Mom too much. I bet you caught up on your sleeping like I do a lot.

  5. Yum yum. Doggy treats. Your mommy loves you to buy you nice doggy treats.

  6. Psst… tell your mommy that I need her address. She won some “Classic Grace Folded Note Cards” 😀

  7. Hi Rusty,

    Your mom left me a friendly message on my machine. Can you please tell her that she has a little gift on the way for her wonderful naming idea? Thanks so much, you cute doggie you!

  8. Hey Rusty! Hey Rusty’s Mom! Rusty sure looks like he means to rough up that blue thing! I’m sure he would restore order to my backyard in no time at all. (Your mom knows what I mean by that, Rusty.) I’ve never seen a flying squirrel. They’re supposed to be adorable. We had raccoon kits in the poplar, my first 3 years here. They were soooo cute! But the landlord put a floodlight on the back of the building and I think that discouraged the ‘coons from nesting in the hollow part of the tree. It’s been taken over by the you-know-who’s!

  9. PS for Rusty — The Aged can’t stand citrus either. If I want to be alone for a bit, all I have to do is break open an orange or grapefruit and he vanishes. I suppose it’s cuz you critters are supersniffers and citrus is pretty intense for your noses.

  10. I just love reading your blog, Rusty! You have so much to say!


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