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Ok…Here goes!

I am not a weird little dog, so I don’t think I can list 7 weird things about myself but I’ll try!

1. I get car sick sometimes. Mom rides with a towel on her lap if it looks like it is going to be one of those days.

2. As much as I’ve tried I’ve never caught a squirrel!

3. I like little kids, but not a bunch of them all at once. One at a time is good!

4. Mom and dad think I’m jealous when they pat Bear. I’m not! I have lots of self confidence and self esteem. It’s just that sometimes…….they pat her.

5.I have my own Hollywood star. There is a picture of it up there. I think it’s fun!

6. I don’t like to get in bath water but I love to run through puddles of water in the back yard. It sure does splash good if I get a running start!

7. My papers say I am a Yorkshire Terrier but I weigh 20 pounds. Don’t tell.


6 Responses

  1. Great facts there Rusty! I don’t like bathes either but I love water.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Rusty, You have your own Hollywood Star? Wow, I’m impressed.

    Don’t feel bad about weighing 20 pounds, Sissy is a Chihuahua (I’ve been passing her off as one, anyway) and she weighs 15 pounds (she has lost weight). I think a Chihuahuas max should be 6 pounds.

  3. Thanks for responding. Great facts!
    Gina and Tuffy

  4. See? I told you you were a star! I’m sorry to hear you get car sick, Rusty. That’s no fun, is it? The Aged gets car sick too. btw,he says “Thank the nice lady for all the pats. And no, the dog may not lick me. I’m surprised he’d even ask!” He felt a little bad about spluttering so crossly, and later admitted, “I’ve been wanting a lick. Tell Rusty, I appreciate the his kind intentions. He seems rather nice for a dog.” I hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings. He was very impressed by your squirrel expertise, and I suspect if the Aged were 10 years — well, 15 years — younger,he’d invite you on a good chase up, down, and all around the house.

  5. we think you did a good job on this task and wes agree yous not weird. Didn’t know you we’re on the walk of stars! wow!

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails

  6. Awww….poor Rusty. That just means there more of you for your parents to love! 🙂

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