Busy Week

Whew!!! It’s been a busy week here at my house. Mom and dad had a lot of people in and out. Some of them even stayed over, but mom made them go outside at night so I wouldn’t be bothered while I was trying to sleep. (Rusty’s mom: they went out to the ‘guest house’ to sleep, where they would be comfortable. Of coures Rusty thinks it’s all about him! )

100_4562.jpgThe people who stayed over night 3 times even had a little person who wasn’t much taller than me. (Rusty’s mom: these people were my niece, her husband and my great-niece) Mom said she was really proud of me. I’ve never been around a little bitty person like that and I treated her nice. I didn’t even growl at her when she grabbed my nose with her thumb in my nostril and pinched. She always smelled good and she always had this cup thing with a soft top on it with her. Any time I even got close to it mom said “LEAVE IT” to me.

worn-out.jpgHere is a picture of me after they all left.  I was worn out.


7 Responses

  1. Rusty, sure that soft cup thing was nice. Hehehehe!!!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Rusty,
    We’re so glad you were nice to that baby. We’re not sure we would’ve been.
    Tuffy and Mandy

  3. we like litte people too! we think you had really good resolutions especially no.1 hope you keep tht one specially!

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails barking loud at the Squirrels that won’t come in our backyard dawg nabit

  4. [giggle] I think that human bebbe done tuckered you out, Rusty. What a good boy you are for being so friendly with a little one!

  5. Hey Rusty, if you have a minute, ask your Mom to read you the Aged Cat’s post today. Someone’s been spying on the Aged Cat. He’d like to know what you make of it! — Howdy to your Mom, from me and the Aged.

  6. Rusty, You have been so busy I bet you didn’t chase one squirrel, did you?

  7. Rusty, I’m glad you had fun playing with the little people. But you do look worn out from all that entertaining!

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