Rusty’s New Year Resolutions (not all written by me)

Hi! I hope everyone had fun last night! Did you make any resolutions? I did. Well actually mom insisted on some of them being added. See if you can tell which ones she wanted.

1. I will quit looking for tootsie rolls in the cat box.

2. I will study the doorknob more closely and see if I can figure out a way to use it by  myself.

3. I will quit snuffling Dallas so much and let him walk in the door in peace.

4. I will be more diligent in scattering my toys handily throughout the house.

5. I will quit staring longingly at mom and dad when they are eating dinner.

6. I will continue to keep an eagle eye on the squirrel menace in the backyard.

7. I will not try to beat my new toy shredding record.

8. I will not hide milkbones in corners in the living-room.

9. I will find better places to hid my milkbones so mom will not come along behind me and pick them up. ( hope she doesn’t see this one)

10. Fun, I will try to find it an all situations, or interrupt not-fun situations with fun!

OK I think that’s enough. Mom is getting a little pushy here.  Did you pick out which were the ones she made me put in? The NOT FUN ones. 


8 Responses

  1. Happy New Year Rusty, it’s me Chai. I read your comment. Mom seems to have forgiven me regarding the shoe. 🙂 I just came back from a 30 minute walk, so I’m a bit tuckered out, but I had to read your New Years Resolutions. I made only one this year, that I see you also had too —- not to eat tootsie rolls out of the cat litter box — LOL! I think your mom added number 5 because that is what my mom wants from me too. Happy New Year Rusty!

  2. Hi Rusty…
    Happy New Year!!! That’s a great list!!! I made some resolutions too…here’s to both of us keeping them in 2008!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. Hi Rusty,
    Great list!! Happy New Year to you and your family. Can’t wait to see your new adventures in the new year!

  4. Happy New Year Rusty. Those are pretty good resolutions, especially numbers 1 through 9 that I think your mom made you do.

  5. Rusty, make sure agility is included in your searching for fun! Classes are fun even if you don’t want to compete. It’ll probably take a year or so of practice before you are ready to compete, anyway.

  6. I think your mom made you put in number 1, 3 & 7 right? Hehehe… Sounds sooo not you Rusty!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  7. Hello Rusty! Happy New Year! I read your resolutions to the Aged and he commends you for nos. 1 and 3, and suggests you consult Dallas on no. 2 (and 5, but you didn’t hear it from him). Thank your mom for her nice note, won’t you? She wanted to know if the Aged has any new year’s resolutions. I asked him, and he said “No, dear. At my age, getting up each morning is a New Year’s resolution.” I have to admit, he’s got a point.

  8. Rusty –

    We like your resolutions – my human ehhhem, “helped” me with some of mine too!

    We hope you are having a great 2008 so far!!


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