Snugga Wubba and More

100_4805.jpgSome of my friends, Poley, Weeny and Daisy,  asked, “What the heck IS a Snugga Wubba anyway?” So I got mom to take a close up picture of it. It looks like a pink octopus. It is lots of fun with all those legs. Yes, cody bear, I think you would like it, too!  Amber-Mae is right, pink isn’t the color for me. The Aged Cat gave me a hint on how to change the color, but mom won’t let me take it outside. I tried. I’m just not going to worry about it. If Tuffy can play with a pink pig, well I can certainly play with this. Slavenka and Obi said, “The color of toy it’s not very important if you know what you are.” I think they are right.  I love new toys anytime mom brings them in! My friends at CowGal said that same thing!

Concerning the throwing out of the de-stuffed blue dog, Tinky, Jonesy & Sissy said I should dig it out of the trash and let mom know It was fun like that.  I think Gomer would agree with that.  So did Crikit, Sparky & Ginger. You are all right! I wish I had the unstuffed blue dog. But, if you’ll remember, mom and her friend, D, fixed it so I can’t get to the trash in the pantry.  I’m keeping an eye on the door but so far she hasn’t forgotten to put the string up.

100_4807.jpg Here is a picture of me with my new hair cut. I made mom get me to the groomers so she couldn’t take any more of those silly pictures!


Back with My Head Held High

100_4722.jpgWell, after those silly photos of me were put up the other day, I was kinda nervous about coming back. But I wanted to show you my new toy: a Kong Snugga Wubba. It sure is lots of fun. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is pink. I’ve talked to mom about pink things for me (a boy) and how I didn’t want them . She already had to get rid of a pink blanket, and now this. Mom said to just ignore the color, I can’t see it when I’m dragging it around the house anyway.

rbluedog.jpgIt’s a good thing I got that Snugga Wubba when I did because mom threw out my blue dog toy. See that little hole in it? Well I gave it a GOOD going over and got all the stuffing out of the top of it. Mom said she would get me a new blue dog. That would be great! A new blue dog and a Snugga Wubba!

NOT Funny!

100_4732.jpg    Mom thinks sherusty-040.jpg    is soooo funny.

rusty-041.jpg    Oh, yeah. She is

 rusty-050.jpg    on a roll.

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

Mom Is 60% Dog – 40% Cat

So, Mom took this test and I guess she gave some CAT answers. I can’t believe it. I know the cats out number Bear and me here but…really.

You Are: 60% Dog, 40% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.
You’re playful but not too needy. And you’re friendly but careful.
And while you have your moody moments, you’re too happy to stay upset for long.

The Great Squirrel Menace Unmasked

general-squirrel.jpgsuper-squirrel.jpgGeneral Squirrel and Super Squirrel

Thanks to my friends Tinky, Jonesy and Sissy at 4urpets I have become aware of a plot against me and my home! The Great Squirrel Menace is consolidating their efforts. The pictures above, taken by my observant friends at 4urpets, prove it. Go there to read the report of the new operation that has been put into action! The leaders of the Squirrel Menace want to REMOVE my sign! The very idea.

Originally, Super Squirrel was stalking Jonesy in his own yard. Jonesy, we can’t have this! That is your yard, you can dig up nuts if you want. This is my yard, and my sign stays. Together we can guard our homes and send this Menace off somewhere where they will never bother another dog! Maybe some of out other bloggie friends will volunteer to help us! Jonesy, you have an in with the DIA (Doggie Intelligence Agency) so maybe they will help as well. Those squirrels may be small, but there’s a lot of them.


No Squirrels

homesign2.jpgThis isn’t showing up, but if you click on it you can see what a wonderful sign this is! Isn’t mom nice to me!

The Great Pantry Door Predicament

Mom thinks she can keep me out, and she may just have found a way with the help of her friend D.

The story thus far: Mom had to put a chair in front of the pantry door to keep me from being tempted to check out the trash. Well one day she forgot to put the chair and I got some good stuff out of the trash. Look here to see the pic if you haven’t already seen it. Well, regardless of that picture, I pursued the temptation. Mom came home and found that I had shouldered the chair over a little and had just about made it into the pantry. So guess what she did then?

She did this:

So, here I am thinking. You can tell I’m thinking really hard because my eyes are closed. Mom said she was going to get a hook for the door handles after school on Monday so she wouldn’t have to keep pulling chairs up there. I thought that on Monday after both of THEM leave I could really put my shoulder to work and get both the chairs out of the way. But noooooo. Here is another guess what: Mom’s friend D came over to go out to dinner with them. She had…… extra shoelace. I thought she was my friend. I always bounce nicely for her when she comes over. Just look what she did to my pantry:

Can you see the shoelace around the handles? I’ve tried to bounce the door open and it won’t. There is nothing to shoulder out of the way. Foiled!