Dallas the Cat

rustydallas.jpgI have to live with three cats! I know I haven’t mentioned them before, but I like to ignore them as much as I can. All except Dallas. He is the only nice cat here. Not so hissy or prickly! Here we are taking a nap on the ottoman while mom and dad watch TV. Usually they put their feet here but Dallas and I got it first. Mom got this picture so I decided to blog about him. Dallas has been living here a lot longer than I have. Mom said he moved over from across the street. He started going into the laundry room in the carport to sleep. The lady across the street said she didn’t like him because he meowed too much. He does talk a lot, but mom thinks it is cute. He’s a cat, I don’t think that is so cute, but we still get on OK. Mom said if he was going to live at her house he was going to have to get his suit altered, so they took him to Dr. D. He is still here and those people moved. That all happened before I got here. Mom says Dallas is very easy going. He gets along with everyone!


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  1. Rusty, You are a good little guy. We don’t have any cats, but Sissy loves cats. Her vet has a big one eyed cat that lays around the waiting area or up on the counter. Sissy just loves to sniff and sniff that cat. She doesn’t harm it and the cat just ignores her.

    I think I would like to have a cat, but I think if I got any more animals, my children would have me committed to an institution.

  2. Rusty, I’m glad you get along with Dallas; he seems like a nice boy.

  3. Oh I have two bad bad kitty sistas too! I don’t really mention about them either becoz I don’t think is necessary. But I like them! Okay, there’s one particular kitty that I don’t like so much becoz she’s such a COW! No, really! All I want to do is just sniff & say hello, she will give you one nice swipe left, right & center! Hmmppff!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. I tagged you. Visit my post on 1/3/08 to see. You don’t have to do this to humor me.

  5. Well, that’s two out of two. 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you like cats. I didn’t think Patch cared that much for them, but last time we went to Bath, two cats came up and they just sniffed each other. I was nervous~just knew he was gonna growl, bark, and pull. Didn’t happen!
    I’m glad you and Dallas get along!


  7. […] last post and then Dallas, the only nice cat here, went and got hurt! You can read here a post about Dallas I wrote last […]

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