Enough Joy, Back to Work!

short-work.jpgBoy have I been having a good time with Christmas and my blog and all my new friends writing me! I’ve played with new toys, eaten new snacks, been to grandpa’s house with mom, and  shredded things that needed shredding except that new stuffed Christmas squirrel. Mom took a picture of one of my new toys that she pried right out of my mouth and wouldn’t let me finish de-stuffing. She said it took me 2.3 minutes to get the hole in it and start pulling out the stuffing. A NEW RECORD FOR ME!

lookingup3.jpgNow it’s time to get back to work! Here is photographic evidence of my dedication to my job! It was nice today after we got back from grandpa’s so I got to stay out longer. I scoured the pecan trees for squirrels and guess what? I found three! I told them to leave and boy did they skedaddle. But I know that as soon as my back was turned they came right back!


4 Responses

  1. Hi – it’s me Chai. My mom said you left a post at her site about me eating her shoe. Thanks for helping me get out of the doggie house. Lately I have really been into chewing things. My mom has bought me soo many cool chew toys that I use, but there is just something about my mom AND my dad’s things that I can not get enough of. In fact tonight before my mom and dad went out to dinner, I began chewing my dad’s space pen, needless to say it hasn’t been a good day for me…. Thanks again for your support Rusty. It’s good to know I have a good friend out there!


  2. Hi Rusty,
    Wow 2.3 minutes is a great time. It takes my cousin Bear (a Rottweiler/Lab mix) a lot longer to do it. You look so cute barking up at the squirrels.
    Tuffy and his Mom

  3. Hi there Rusty!

    Oh, there’s a squirrel stuffie being sold here in mah country but my mommy refuse to buy it. I wanna have mah 1st taste of squirrel since there’s no live squirrels here in mah country. That’s a record time but could you do it any faster next time like within 5 seconds? Hahaha!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Rusty, Even thought you “killed” that squirrel, tell you mom not to throw it away! You can still have a really good time with it, especially if it becomes your favorite toy. Have your mommy read my blog, “DOGGY STUFFED TOYS” and she won’t throw away your squirrel.

    Glad you and your mom had a great Christmas!

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