Beady Eyes

rustyxmassq3.jpgThis is my new Christmas squirrel! I was so excited when mom showed it to me that I grabbed it and ran. But mom took it and said I couldn’t really play with it, it had plastic beads for eyes. In my book all squirrels have beady eyes! I see no problem here, just let me have the squirrel mom!! Please!

tennisthingsmpic.jpgHere’s my new tennis ball thing! It’s a lot of fun and it squeaks. Mom throws it down the hall and I run to get it and growl all around it. When dad threw it down the hall is bounced high and bumped into pictures and things. That was exciting. Mom said “DON’T BREAK THE PICTURES! THAT THING BOUNCES!” Dad said, “Well, I can see that.”


4 Responses

  1. Rusty, you are about one of the happiest pups I know!

  2. Hey there Rusty!!! Sorry that I haven’t been visiting your bloggy but anyway, here I am now! Ooo, a squirrel stuffy & a tennis ball? Sounds like great toys to me! I’ve finally added on mah sidebar, Will definitely visit your bloggy often!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. Hmmm, I guess blindin’ the toy squirrel so that Rusty could continue to maul it would be a bit . . .er, . . .grotesque? Tough luck, Rusty.

  4. […] Dallas the cat IS my friend! he knocked this of the desk so I could get it! My Christmas Squirrel that mom wouldn’t let me de-stuff! Now’s my chance! Oh-oh, mom has spotted […]

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