Merry Christmas to Me (& You Too)

rustyxmas3.jpgLook at all the stuff I got! I hope you got a lot of stuff too! I’m excited about those real cookies! Rusty’s Mom: Those are really DOG cookies with all natural ingredients, but don’t tell Rusty. And look at that long tennis ball thing, it squeaks!  And Look! A new rope toy with tennis balls on both ends! And things to make my teeth even more beautiful! There are more training treats, but I think those are more for mom. Oh, I like the way they taste, but then I have to do lots of stuff to get them. I also got a stocking filled with cool toys, but that didn’t make it into the picture. Mom forgot.  But best of all is that play squirrel. He’ll be great fun on rainy days when all I can do is practice terrorizing squirrels. Rusty’s mom: Poor Rusty, that squirrel isn’t really for him to play with, it has hard plastic eyes, not very dog friendly. I have to break it to him, so don’t say anything yet. Thanks!  Mom even gave me a couple of bites of ham!! YUM! I wish she’d give me more! She had to do it when dad wasn’t looking because she always tells him NOT to give me people food. He’s way better at giving me people food, he gives me A LOT!

I hope my friends here had a great Christmas with their people too!


5 Responses

  1. Hey ya Rusty looks like you had a pawsome Christmas! We gota tennis ball thing too! Mommy finally realized not to comment back from our comment section and she put your wordpress in the linky so we can trot straight over here now.

    Keep celebrating waggin TX tails out!

  2. Rusty, We give our Chihuahuas people food too. They are obsessed with it. I added your blog to my blogroll because you are just too cute.
    Tuffy and Mandy’s Mom, Gina

  3. Rusty, Santa gave you sooo much stuff. You must have been an extra good doggie this year.

  4. Way to go, Rusty! Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas! I’m glad you got some people food, too.

  5. Ho-oly smoke! You sure cleaned up, Rusty! Please don’t tell the Aged C. He only got 2 presents. But he got ham too! He luuuuvs it!

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