Words I Know

My friends, Tinky, Sissy, and Jonsey, over at 4urpets have invited anydog to list the words they know so here are some of mine:

Down: I lay all the way down, most of the time.

Sit: The word speaks for itself, and I USUALLY do it without mom and dad even having to repeat it. Too many times.

Roll over: There must be a treat in the room before I do this.

Come: I always get lots of pats when I get there.

Stay: I’ve done this for up to 5 minutes. Mom was very proud of me. I was kinda bored.

Go around: Mom points at something, says “go around” and I go around it. It works well if there is a cat on one side of the bed and I can’t get up.

Bow: Didn’t want to, but there were treats. I bow with my hinney in the air (see the picture) and my chest on the floor with my front legs out in front. I usually use as a time for a good real streach.

Heel: Pretty good at this if nothing interesting is going on.

Front: Go around mom and sit down in front of her facing her. Ok, there’s usually a treat there.

What’s Roadkill look like?: I lay on my back and play dead. Why doesn’t she just point a finger gun at me and say “Bang” like normal people?

Walkies: I’m ready! NOW!

You want LIVER?: No I don’t. Mom always puts me in the bath tub when she says that.

Want to go out?: What does mom think all that jumping and whining was about?

Breakfast/dinner: OH YES!!!

Shake: I put my paw in mom’s hand.


3 Responses

  1. Rusty,

    “WHAT DOES ROAD KILL LOOK LIKE?” That is so funny, your human has a really good sense of humor.

    I can’t see your picture. I will email your human to tell her how to reduce the size.

  2. Nice to see your very cute eyes Rusty! My human is getting her hair cut wednesday and we get to see her eyes again then!

    Take care – Dory

  3. Rusty – that is awesome that you can Stay for 5 minutes! My dogs are working their way up, but they aren’t as good as you yet with 5 whole minutes!

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