Cowboy Luck

cboy2.jpg Here is a picture of my cuzin Cowboy Luck. His mom and Granni just call him Cowboy. Boy is he ENERGETIC! Mom says she couldn’t even pat him for the first year of his life cause he was never still long enough! whenever she reached for him all she could see was the inside of his mouth as he jumped at her then his but as he ran away. We use to run around the coffee table when I went to visit. It was fun and our moms laughed a lot at us. Sometimes they call him Stitch cause he looks like Stitch in the cartoon with his mouth hanging open. I sure miss him now that he has moved away from east Texas and moved to Kansas. I hear they have snow now. He must freeze his little feet off when he goes outside for a potty break. Cowboy, I miss ya man!


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