Helping Out

trash.jpg Tonight mom and dad went to the show to see Beowulf. Well, I think they could have watched a movie at home and I could have sat with them on the couch. That would have been much more fun for ALL of us. What could be better than a nice snuggle on a cold night? Anyway while they were gone I had to amuse myself. I was able to s..t..r..e..a..t..c..h up to the table top and snag a couple of things that I know mom meant to leave down for me. Of course I had to take them out of their packages. (Rusty’s mom: and he wonders why I won’t give him his PTO membership card.) Mom said one of those things was supposed to be for cousin Cowboy’s Christmas. I know he will understand. I ….uh….YEAH…I had to field test it for him, make sure it was safe! That’s it! So, cousin Cowboy, you will get s completly safe Christmas present from me!


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  1. Hi Rusty! I got to the computer when my MOTHER was not looking. She took me out tonight with Zoey and Zoey just wanted to attack me like flies on a watermelon. Did she think I liked football as a child or what!? Of course she is one of those BIG Kind of Dogs! I prefer the sweet handsome fun-loving type myself. Please let me know how you snagged those Cowboy goodies because I am very very short and we have a lot of redneck cowboy Aggies down here so I know I could find us alot of things to explore! As far snuggling on the couch all alone, I would have gone snagging myself. They saw who???Bay, the Wolf?? What kind of wolf is that? Friendly or mean? Oh well, parents should know from Dr. Spock not to leave children alone! It is dangerous! For us as well as their possessions, huh!? Talk to ya later……Whimper

    P.S. Forget the zilla yorkie thing because anyone named Doofus…oh well you get the point! And for MOther thinking that teachers are weird-dos..HUH…Let me tell you that my Gran is so much fun to visit because she lets me run the house!

  2. That’s right Rusty, you just keep helping out. Nothing wrong with that.

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