PTO Membership

Guess what?? I have my very first membership card! Mom let me join the PTO for her class. I’m so excited, but mom won’t let me have the card. She wants to keep it for me for some reason. I think she thinks I will shred it all over the livingroom carpet. Now why would she think that?? Wait….. maybe it was because I ……well, let’s not get into that. I wouldn’t shred my very first membership card!


4 Responses

  1. Way to go with the PTO membership! We are one lucky school to have such a cute, cute member in our organization – even if you are ‘zilla yorkie.’

  2. Hi, Rusty! My name is Whimper! I got to keep my membership card so Rusty go nibble at Mom’s heels until she gives in and gives you the infamous PTO card! It sure tastes good!

    You sure are cute Rusty? Are you available?


  3. This is Whimper’s mom. She’s not old enough to date. And I see that I need to watch her internet access too…that or I need to investigate people using her name (looks at mom..)

    Ya’ll teachers are weirdos…lol

  4. […] Mom let me see it and read it to me, but she wouldn’t let me have it! It reminds me of my very own PTO card. She won’t let me have any of that kind of […]

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