Back Scratches & Training Tips for Your Humans

backscratch2.jpgHello! I get all the back scratches I want when I do this (see the picture)! Mom always laughs and scratches. Sometimes when I whine for a backscratch she says, “Well, assume the position.” And I do! It’s great. It took a while to get her trained but she is smart and figured it out eventually. A nice back scratch is always needed after a rough afternoon on squirrel patrol. Or any other time as far as that is concerned. When you get up in the morning. After breakfast. Before you go outside. When you come inside. While mom and dad are watching tv or reading. In the middle of the night. Any time is the right time for a backscratch!

Now for the tips. It might take a while to get your human trained to scratch on command but with patience you can do it! First whine to get their attention. When they look at you 9 times out of ten when you whine it is time for the next step. Walk in a circle and look at your butt while whining just a little. It may take a while for your human to get the picture but when they do reward them with a lick. Later you can move on to the “butt in the air” maneuver (see picture) to gain attention to your requirements. Remember, always lavish praise and rewards on your human when they make a step in the right direction. Good luck!


2 Responses

  1. Looks like your human needs a lot of training. All Jonesy, my male Chihuahua does is this:

    Get up on my lap…face me…put his paws on my shoulders…and put his head down to his chest.

    He has “assumed the position” for his back scratch. You don’t have to hit me over the head for that one. 🙂

  2. My Aussie Fluff recommends walking up to the human, turning around so your butt is toward them, and starting the scratch right there. She rubs her tail and fluffy skirts up and down people’s shins until they get the hint, then she has one foot that stomps to the scratching (for whatever reason, only one back foot stomps for butt skritches).

    came here via derfwad manor

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