Under the Fence

onrock.jpg Wow! I had a lot of fun yesterday afternoon with Bear and my friends from the yard behind us!Bear and I were digging on our side of the fence and Sugar and Brownie were digging on their side of the fence. We wanted to play together for real, not with a fence between us. When the hole was big enough for Bear we went into the other back yard. We had fun for awhile, but then their peopel came out and called my mom. Bear and I had to go home and mom and the other the people blocked the holes on both sides of the fence so none of us can get to them any more.

It felt kinda funny to be out of my own yard and in somedog elses yard. I felt a little lost at first but we started having so much fun that I soon forgot that. We didn’t even mind that it was raining. But mom didn’t like the dirt that stuck to me so I had to have a bath when we got back in the house.

Another thing about having fun with my friends was that I didn’t even think about those pesky squirrels for a long time. I need to remember to keep a closer watch on them even if I am having lots of fun.


One Response

  1. Hi Rusty:
    This is your Mom’s Pa. I did find your blog this morning.
    I’m glad you’re having so much fun, Thats the way a rusty fellows life should be. When your Mom comes to visit me she should let you
    play outside. I don’t have any fences and I do have lots of trees and squirrels you could chase.

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