onrock.jpgHi! My name is Rusty. My mom calls me a Great Yorkie. I liked this but I over heard her tell a friend that there was no such thing as a Great Yorkie, she just said that because I was so big (20 lbs.) Well that kinda hurt my feelings. then I thought back to my trainer saying I was a “Mega Yorkie” and that I was a “big boned boy.” I guess they think they’re funny.  My papers say Yorkshire Terrier, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I’ve been with mom and dad for one year now. I was adopted in November of 2006! I  live with mom and dad, Bear (dad’s dog) and three cats. I like Bear unless mom is patting her. I only like one of the cats, Dallas. The other cats are too hisssssie and prickly. My favorite things are chasing squirrels, looking for squirrels up in the pecan trees, keeping squirrels out of our yard, getting a nice back scratch, playing with Bear, running up and down the fence with the dogs in the yard behind us, keeping an eye out for squirrels, and sleeping with mom and dad.

8 Responses

  1. Dear Cuzn Rusty,
    You must feel pretty proud of yourself having your own
    blog and all! My Granni hasn’t done squat for me. And
    as far as your size goes, Mega or Grande, God loves you just the way he made you!! So please don’t get your feelings hurt by remarks you overhear.
    I am really looking forward to seeing you around Christmas!
    It would be really cool to chase squirrels together. That would be neat fun, huh, cuz?

  2. Hey, Cuzn Rusty!
    I guess you feel proud having your own blog and all!
    My Mom and Granni don’t do squat for me! You go, dog!
    Hey, and as far as your size is concerned, God made you
    the way you are! So don’t get your feelings hurt when you overhear people talk’n trash about you! I Love You, Man!!!
    Can’t wait to see you at Christmas! Maybe we can chase squirrels together! That would be neat fun, huh, cuz?

    Later, Dude! Cuzn Cowboy

  3. Hey Rusty! This is Napoleon (nevermind that it says “Nevis” – I’m using my Mom’s laptop to type this since she’s too stingy to buy me my own. Parents just don’t understand. 😉 Nevertheless, nice to meet you. I’m not great or grand or anything, I’m just a wee Puggy puppy whom everyone tells me I’m “so small!” – trust me, that isn’t such a great thing to hear all the time, either!

  4. Sounds like a great life Rusty. Believe me, when Mom says “Great Yorkie”, she really means a GREAT Yorkie because she loves you! My Mom calls me lots of names but she loves me just like your Mom loves you too.
    Your pal, Tuffy

  5. You are a Great Yorkie. Bet those squirrels shiver when they see you.

  6. You have the best life! I so wish my yard had a fence for Patch~all 1.5 acres of it. He used to get to run around all he wanted when he and I lived on a farm~that was almost 5 years ago though. I still gotta get a picture of my cousins (four yorkies) for you!


  7. Hi Rusty,

    Can you email us so I can send you something through email? We have something for you! Also, when is your birthday Rusty?

    Love Benson, Gibson, Sasha and Thedore from

  8. […] I started this blog way back in 2007 with this post. […]

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